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Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is the promotion of products and services using digital channels including search engines, social media, apps, websites, TV, radio, watches, and other IoT (internet of things) devices.

Website marketing is the strategic promotion of a website to increase its visibility and attract relevant traffic. Marketing a website means understanding what customers want and need. It’s not a secret.


Potential customers are searching Google for solutions to the problems you solve. Google allows you to unlock the power of your data with interactive dashboards and reports.

The opportunity to connect with potential customers and turn them into buyers (and loyal fans) is tremendous. That’s the good news. Here’s the bad: You need a website marketing strategy and creating a powerful website marketing strategy can be tough. That's where Launch Now Media Group can help you launch a successful marketing strategy that gets results.

SEO Tools & Digital Presence Planning

We provide on-page Search Engine Optimization as part of our services. This means getting your site to rank well on Google to get free traffic. Many people like to talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but we can actually prove that we know what we’re doing. If you Google ‘San Francisco Web Design’ or ‘Hire a Web Designer’ we’re the number #1 result. Here is what we will do for you:

  • Identify the keywords you should be ranking for

  • Provide you with a detailed spreadsheet of the keywords, title tags and meta descriptions for each page of the site

  • Properly structure and tag your site to rank for the recommended keywords

  • Configure your site with the Yoast SEO plugin

  • Submit your site to all of the search engines

  • Setup and submit and XML sitemap of your website


To succeed in e-commerce, you need a website that’s user-friendly, reliable, secure, fast, and optimized to drive sales. We specialize in B2B and B2C e-commerce — and design, develop, maintain, and host e-commerce solutions for companies large and small.

Email Marketing Planning & Copywriting

When you work with the email marketing professionals at Launch Now Media Group, experts will ensure that your business is capitalizing on the most cutting-edge email capabilities available for your industry.

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